Monday, November 17, 2008

Fannie Lou Hamer: Frequent Target of Mississippi Sovereignty Commission

Fannie Lou Hamer's testimony [Democratic National Convention, 1964] wasn't the whole truth. A recent biography of Hamer, "For Freedom's Sake," by University of Georgia professor Chana Kai Lee, reveals that she omitted a key fact: She had also been sexually abused by the law enforcement officers.

Lee implies that Hamer did not tell the Credentials Committee that she was sexually abused because she was a "modest and dignified" woman, but I think it also must have been in her mind that if she testified on national television that the Mississippi police had also sexually abused her that day, she probably would have been murdered when she returned from the convention.

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There are a host of links to Mrs. Hamer in Mississippi Sovereignty Commission files. Name spellings vary, i.e., Fanie, Fannie L, Fannie Lou, Fanny, Mrs. Hamer, etc.

Here is one

Hamer linked to Communism

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