Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Did Hoover Own Stock in DalTex Business? Author Shares Strange Story

Larry Hancock,leading JFK researcher, is presenting on the Mystery of the DalTex building. Photos taken show police officers looking at this building when shots were first fired. In his research, Hancock found a business, Dallas Uranium and Oil, with no assets, business or employees. It was a shell. One of Jack Ruby's employees also worked in the same building at the time.

Today the business has turned into -- another shell business.

"You can lose lots of sleep at night over this stuff."

The DalTex is a building where a shot could have been fired from, Hancock believes. Especially since in his research he found one stockholder listed for the Dallas Uranium and Oil Company--J. Edgar Hoover owned one share.

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ghostjohn2001 said...

I've considered for quite a while now that someone needs to take a deep look at who owned and who leased the different floors of the Dal-Tex building, so am very glad to see this article...and very interesting!