Sunday, November 23, 2008

JFK Assassination Tour: Where Lee Harvey Oswald Was Shot By Jack Ruby

Where the trail ends?

Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed as he walked through the area behind the brown doors,across the street.Some believe Jack Ruby was acting strictly out of anger, something for which Ruby was known. Further, Ruby had left his small dogs waiting for him in his car -- pets he always took to work. Would he have brought the dogs with him if he knew he would be arrested?

But what about Ruby' documented Chicago mob affiliations?

That's one of many topics discussed by retired FBI agent M. Wesley Swearingen in To Kill A President: Finally---An Ex-FBI Agent rips aside the veil of secrecy that killed JFK and in FBI Secrets: An Agents Expose

The author served in the US Navy and holds a BA from Ohio State. Swearingen received the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice President's Award for Courage, Commitment, Unswerving Faith and United Effort to overcome racism.

Search Sovereignty Commission files for Jack Ruby files here

Meanwhile, here's a Sovereignty Commission link on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

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