Sunday, November 23, 2008

JFK. Parkland. Trauma Room One.

Chief anesthesiologist for 33 years at Parkland Hospital, M. T. Jenkins, M.D., led the medical efforts to revive President John F. Kennedy. Jenkins' daughter, Christie Jenkins, shares the story told by her father -- a version that contradicts that of Dr. Charles Crenshaw, a gunshot expert, also a member of the treatment team on that fateful day, Nov. 22, 1963.

Crenshaw tells his own version in Trauma Room One: The JFK Medical Coverup Exposed

Ready to look at the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission's Kennedy records?

Go to the Mississippi Sovereignty Site and search for
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Also John F., John, Jack
Also Jacquie and Jacqueline

Here is one record, under Jack Kennedy, to get started. A minister has written to the Sovereignty Commission complaining about the president.

The letter, written to director Erle Johnston, is dated Nov. 21, 1963

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