Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Searching for Information on John D. Sullivan

Cold weather is great for reading books. And I've been holed up for the past week doing just that while trying to learn more about John D. Sullivan, a Vicksburg, Miss. private detective and former FBI agent, who "committed suicide" Oct. 23, 1966, three years after the assassination of JFK.

El tiempo frío es grande para los libros de la lectura. Y para la última semana intenta aprender más sobre Juan D. Sullivan, un Vicksburg, Mississippi detective privado y agente anterior de FBI, que “suicidio confiado” Oct. 23, 1966, tres años después del asesinato de JFK.Por coincidencia, el Sr. Sullivan fue un empleado de Guy Banister de Nueva Orleans y Banister fue un empleado de FBI

Sullivan, who often performed contract work for the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a hunting accident -- shooting himself in the groin with a rifle and then bleeding to death(no kidding).

By coincidence, Mr. Sullivan had been working under contract for Guy Banister of New Orleans.

For those who do not recall Banister, this former FBI agent in 1963 began working for Mafia criminal defense lawyer G. Wray Gill and Gill's client, Carlos Marcello.

Marcello was the New Orleans-based Godfather of the American Mafia Family whose operations were centered in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.

Bannister's involvement with Marcello centered on attempts to block Marcello's deportation, ordered by Robert F. Kennedy.

"Upon being named Attorney General by his brother, RFK had his agents arrest Carlos Marcello and deport the Godfather to the country of his alleged birth, Guatemala. Literally dumped into the jungles of South America, Marcello somehow fought his way out of this dilemma, possibly with the help of pilot David Ferrie, and soon returned to the United States. Once back home in the swamps of Louisiana, the Godfather reportedly vowed Vengeance against the Kennedys, uttering the following Sicilian curse: "LIVARSI NA PIETRA DI LA SCARPA!" (rough translation: "Take the stone from my shoe!")."

Did Sullivan know too much? Some who were close to the Mississippian believe this is so.

Anyone out there with information on Sullivan? Pictures?


Early Sov Comm report on Clarksdale filed by Zack J. VanLandingham

Landingham was a retired FBI agent.

Sullivan running for Cohoma County Sheriff

Sullivan had frequent contact with U.S. Senator James O. Eastland

Soon after the Kennedy assassination, Sullivan suggested the Sovereignty Commission hire Guy Bannister [sic] to beef up the commission's work.

When Sullivan died, the Sovereignty Commission wanted his records ...

Oops, Mrs. Sullivan "burned" his files ...

Spying on the Mennonites for the state's General Legislative Investigative Committee

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who Planned JFK's Assassination?

In his fascinating book on the JFK assassination, Michael Collins Piper writes in Final Judgment that Carlos Marcello "has become a favorite target for JFK assassination researchers who like to claim that 'The Mafia Killed JFK'."

But Piper asserts that Marcello was only "one cog" in the Meyer Lansky Syndicate. "[Marcello's] key placement in New Orleans -- scene of much of the pre-assassination planning -- makes him the perfect fall guy...There's a lot more to the Marcello story that meets the eye."
Here's an interesting Marcello link in the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Files.

*Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Who Killed President John F. Kennedy? Civil Rights Activists Blamed Segregationists


Who killed President John F. Kennedy? In Mississippi, members of the Jackson Movement, an organization constantly spied on by the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, put out a report after the death of JFK listing segregationists and "Communist Hate Team" as part of the "long list of murderers."

Here is a link to the Commission's record -- a copy of the Jackson Movement Report ...

The Jackson Movement also wrote of the murder of Medgar Evers, Mississippi's first NAACP Field Secretary. Sovereignty Commission spies frequently spied on and harassed Evers.

In this Sovereignty Commission 1959 record, agent Zack Van Landingham informs his boss on the current activities of Evers and others.

Here is a link to the above picture/flyer written about President Kennedy the San Diego Patriotic Society (blaming communists and the ACLU for Kennedy's murder.) Or click directly on the picture to bring up the record.