Monday, July 04, 2005

Reports detail another incident

Reports detail another incident:
(Not a Sovereignty Commission story, but interesting anyway ...)

"Reports detail another incident
The Natchez Democrat

CENTREVILLE -- Allegations of the mass slaughter of black soldiers by military police at Camp Van Dorn in 1943 have never been proven. And the Army claims to have conducted an extensive study in 1999 refuting those allegations.

But military police were involved in at least one wrongful act at Camp Van Dorn, the Centreville Jeffersonian reported in its July 14, 1944 editions.
According to the report, Major Louis R. Lefkoff, 34, of Atlanta, was court-martialed and found guilty of ordering the flogging of several soldiers confined at the Camp Van Dorn stockade.

Testimony at Lefkoff's trial showed six white prisoners and three black prisoners were beaten at Lefkoff's command after being labeled 'trouble-makers.'
Military police carried out the corporal punishment -- forbidden by the military -- after a stockade guard refused to comply with Lefkoff's order, the report stated."

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