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Eugenics, The Pioneer Fund and Mississippi

Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 16:21:46 -0800 Subject: Pioneer Fund, 187 and Eugenics The Pioneer: "Question: What do the following interrlated things have in common?

1) Proposition 187 on the California Ballot: The Illegal Immigrants Law?
2) Oliver J. North, the current Va. Senatorial candidate and convicted felon?
3) The current book: 'The Bell Curve' by Chas. Murray and Richard Hernnstein?
4) Adolph Hitler's Laws against the Prevention of Hereditarily Ill Progeny?
5) Numerous acts of Civil Rights violence during the 1960's and 1970's?
6) William Shockley's studies on the alleged genetic inferiority of blacks?
7) The Lynchburg Colony in Va. where over 8,000 were involuntarily sterilized?
8) All of the successful Senate campaigns of North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms.
9) The attempted takeover of CBS in 1985 led by Jesse Helms and Thomas Ellis.
10) The violent strike busting tactics that occurred at J.P. Stevens in N.C.?
11) American Mercury, the anti-everything Birchite magazine of Liberty Lobby?
12) Human Events, the reactionary right-wing publication of the 40's and 50's?
13) International Association for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology?
14) The McCarran-Walter Act, the McCarran-Wood Act, the Taft-Hartley Act?
15) The character assassination plot against Alger T. Hiss by Nathaniel Weyl?
16) Pogroms by Joseph McCarthy, HUAC and Senate Internal Security Committees?
17) The plot to terminate with prejudice the President of the United States?
18) The Liberty Lobby, the John Birch Society and the Constitution Party?

Answer: They ALL received funding, either partly or completely, from:

'THE PIONEER FUND', an IRS tax-exempt foundation and trust ..."

Of which:

Sen. James O. Eastland was a member of the fund's board of directors, helping to bring millions of dollars of Draper money into Mississippi to help fund the state's fight against civil rights and to directly fund the first dozen private, segregated white academies.

This is an organization with a long history in Mississippi, a relationship that continues ...

While Draper is not to be found in the Sovereignty Commission files, records involving Draper's lawyer (Harry Weyher) are easy to look up ... Weyher

More Weyher ...

(This topic is covered further in 'Where Rebels Roost, Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited.')

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