Friday, January 15, 2010

Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Files: Dr. King Spied On By State-Hired FBI Agents

Lots of links in the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission files showing the state officials's hatred of Dr. King.

Here's a poster calling for his murder:|55|12|41|1|1|1|20869|

Memo detailing plan to harm Dr. King:|93|0|15|1|1|1|77228|

Mississippi student gets in trouble for hanging up picture of Dr. King (1971). This is interesting, because I received reports that a Cleveland, Mississippi first-grader was warned he would be sent home if he brought to school a picture of President Barack Obama. This happened right after the election.|19|2|49|1|1|1|57945|

Dr. King is accused of promoting violence in Grenada.|149|0|30|6|1|1|45781|

Sovereignty Commission investigators are sent into Grenada; SCLC activities.|149|0|30|1|1|1|45771|

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