Monday, February 19, 2007

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth spent time in Mississippi

A 1956 photo of Rev. Shuttlesworth from the Associated Press.

Charlotte Young of Black College Wire has written a brief article on Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth for The News Argus published by Winston-Salem State University.

In 1957, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth joined Rev. Martin Luther King, the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy and Bayard Rustin to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which assisted local organizations that helped blacks in the struggle for equality.

Shuttlesworth was one of the key figures in planning the march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., in 1965. He helped the Congress of Racial Equality organize its Freedom Rides.

He also spent time in the Mississippi Delta where he was often the target of the Sovereignty Commission. Little has been written about the time spent in Mississippi, however.

Here are several Sovereignty Commission links on Rev. Shuttlesworth -- of course, there are many more.

* Rev. Shuttlesworth and Julian Bond are reported attending a conference at Mt. Beulah.

* Rev. Shuttlesworth comes into Jackson as an SLCL representative after protestors are locked up at the state's fairgrounds.

* State spy comments on the Rev. Shuttlesworth

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