Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Researchers Note -- changes in file access

Benjamin Greenberg wrote:

Have you noted the change to the SC online website? A while back I noticed that the link to the site had changed. What I didn't realize until tonight is that the MDAH web site's method of forming links to the files has also changed. None of my bookmarks to individual files worked. Like you, I'm sure, I have hundreds and hundreds of files bookmarked. After some minutes of panicking, I compared one of my bookmarks with the url for a file I retrieved under the new system. I realized that with a small addition to the old versions of the urls you will get the file you are looking for.

In the old system, urls look like this:


In the new system they look like this:

http://www.mdah.state.ms.us/arlib/contents/er/sovcom/result.php ?image=/data/sov_commission/images/

The only difference is the part you see in bold, "sovcom/"

If you insert "sovecom/" after the "er/" in your bookmark urls, you should get the file you want. I'm relieved to know that it's still possible to access things I've bookmarked, but obviously, this is incredibly inconvenient. It's a terrible disservice to researchers who use the SC Online system.


Benjamin Greenberg

Here's the url for the Sovereignty Commission online archives:

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