Monday, September 12, 2005

Secrecy? "Understand Mississippi and ..."

There's a saying that goes ... "Understand Mississippi and you understand all of Democracy." Maybe this saying actually makes some sense when trying to understand FEMA:

"This article on FEMA by Harry V. Martin documents why it can't handle
hurricane relief: because its real function is as part of the NSC/Secret
Government and precious little of its funds actually go to disaster
relief. Most funds go to building underground bunkers for government
officials, planning and preparing for martial law, etc. It has existed
under different names since the outbreak of the Cold War, became FEMA
under Jimmy Carter, and failed the test sufficiently during Hurricane
Andrew that all the stuff documented in the article came out. It also
makes clear why it was so easy to transfer Director Brown back to DC and
turn the N.O. relief effort over to the Coast Guard. Nothing truly
new in it but extremely worthwhile and for those directly in N.O. or the
other Gulf disaster areas, immediately politically informative." (From the SNCC discussion group)

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