Thursday, June 23, 2005


HungryBlues:So who is to blame for this Mississippi Mess - the lonely manslaughter charge against one aging Klansman in the lynching of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman? Ben Greenberg of Hungry Blues blog responds the finger points beyond the Neshoba County prosecutor:

"My blog post was written in the heat of anger on Tuesday. I stand by the assessment even if I'd moderate my tone were I to write it again. I say that Jim Hood is lying because he did not do his duty. He did not bring all the witnesses to the stand. He did not request help (i.e., evidence!!) from Justice Department and request a special prosecutor, as has been done in most of other civil rights era murder cases that have been reopened. Hood also did not give adequate time to reviewing the evidence for other possible indictments of the 9 other living suspects and has come out at various times and essentially admitted that he is purposefully pursuing Killen and only Killen.

It is most definitely called for to call out the racism in men like McIntyre and Killen, who are obviously birds of a feather. But the real changes won't be won unless those who are charged with pursuing justice and change are held to a high standard. I would argue that Jim Hood's complicity in protecting white, racist murderers is actually more dangerous than the obvious, cartoonish stuff of McIntyre. "

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Anonymous said...

dear ms klopner

im mixed up in this mess my self
all how i got into thos mess by accedent after my mother died i lost my job after her death
now i stand looseing every thing left 2 me! trying to find emoloyment to suppement my income i had a small stroke many yrs ago
i was in performing arts @ one time till the stroke made me loose my voice !after 20 yrs i have it back 80percent now but i ended up a house keeper 4 ovr 20 yrs after that now no one will hire me because my dads family is mixed up in this kkk mess no one can help now !!!!!!!!!!i did what i had to do my life in performing arts is ovr now i have accepted the fact im a mud race mr int s r /rrhr